Crypto and the Blockchain – How big can they become?

Few would have predicted only a handful of years ago that cryptocurrency and the blockchain would find itself in quite the position of influence which it now occupies. Sure, there were and still are some who are just ardent supporters of the ideology and sense of community that it brings, but the ability to which the movement have been able to incorporate mainstream users to adopt the technology has been amazing.

This is testament to the fact that people realize how much of an essential role crypto and the blockchain can play in society in the years to come. So, just how big can it actually become? – This is really dependent on two major factors:


Market Sentiment

The current market conditions are showing a side of cryptocurrency particularly which is not very positive to potential investors. The volatility of the market is always something used by market traditionalists almost as a scare tactic to dissuade investors from moving into cryptocurrency. Therefore, although long-term holders and people who actually are an integral part of blockchain projects and the community know that brighter ties are ahead and the mission is more important than the price, this can be hard to convey to potential investors.

That said, each time the markets see a positive movement, more new faces come on board.

Daily Integration

One of the major factors which will help a larger percentage of the population realize the many benefits of cryptocurrency is if we can properly integrate it to our daily lives. This has so far proven to be quite a difficult task so far largely because network transaction speeds of many currencies are still not quite there when it comes to supporting the large volume of transactions required. However, progress is continually being made, and there is no doubt that within the next few years, using crypto will be as easy as cash or credit within our daily routine.

Considering the progress made in the industry within the last 5 years, the future looking forward to the next 5 is extremely bright.

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