Bitcoin in Spain

With cryptocurrency being a global name, the potential of the currency cannot go unnoticed. While the United States still stands as the inspiration for all kinds of technical innovation, Europe too is building its story around the same.


Though Europe has a deep historical connection with the inventions on the technical front, the latest stats show lesser progress and updates. However, Spain has taken a hold on one of the most talked inventions across the globe, Bitcoins.

Though the United States is one of the largest economies in the world, yet Europe is considered to have been adapting to rapid growth in innovation and business ideas. This will lead the continent to move upwards to better economic and administrative incorporation.


Spain is the fourth largest economy in Europe, has some really problematic disputes. Even with a great number of youth-unemployment, the country still is highly competitive worldwide.

Another reason why anybody would love to visit the country is for its deep linguistic, political and cultural diversity. It is a country with great economic interest, from tourism to aeronautical industries. Spain has witnessed a full-fledged and consistent increase in development over the decades.


As per Elconfidencial, the Spanish national treasury has chosen Bitcoin as an exchangeable digital currency for users and can be exchanged for Euros, Dollars and another other currency, crypto or fiat. Also, it has been said that bitcoin is given a status of money along with value-added tax exemption.  Though the Spanish treasury doesn’t openly endorse the currency as equivalent to money and use of it for the purchase of products and services in the wider economy, however, it is considered money like when it is converted. Therefore, it is now really convenient for tourists as well to go shopping or eating in Spain, with the use of Bitcoin, either exchanged or in places that accept the currency.



Other countries such as the United Kingdom, Poland, Finland and Holland have accepted the much popular Bitcoin, leaving the economically powerful country like Germany standing alone. Germany, on the other hand, plans to tax all the transactions made with Bitcoin.

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