Best Websites which accept cryptocurrency

Bitcoins are the most popular and also the most cost-effective cryptocurrency in the market. Apart from trading and storing these coins, these Bitcoins are also used by different stores and websites as a medium of payment and are used as currency for achieving day-to-day needs.

Some of the websites which accept Bitcoins are:

  1. Overstock: Overstock is a popular online shopping store which accepts BTC as payment for different items you want to shop. This store contains virtually anything and everything you need.
  2. Shopify: Shopify is a popular website which helps in the launching of e-commerce websites for its clients for their own business. Shopify also accepts bitcoins as their payment fees.
  3. Expedia: You might come across this travel company very often for making your hotel bookings to getting discounted flight prices. Expedia accepts all modes of payments including cryptocurrency.
  4. Subway: One if the trending and famous fast food restaurant franchise across the globe which sells submarine sandwiches and salads also accept BTC. You can pay with Bitcoins for your sub here.
  5. Microsoft: One of the largest software companies Microsoft is accepting Bitcoins for their Xbox and Windows sales.
  6. KFC Canada: KFC Canada is the popular fried chicken franchise spread across the world which is accepting cryptocurrency as its mode of payment. This is a step of mass adoption as food is the very basic need of every human.
  7. eGifter: eGifter is an online gifting company which sells online gift cards. It also accepts payments in the form of LTC and BTC.
  8. You can load your Amazon cart using the platform and get up to 15% discount if you pay in Bitcoins.

It is recommended to start accepting Bitcoins as part of your payments as the trend for cryptocurrencies is increasing and more and more people are investing in it like at Whether you operate online or offline, Bitcoins should be part of your payment formats.

But the prices of cryptocurrencies keep on fluctuating very fast as they are very volatile. You must use the cryptocurrency payment processors and gateways for insulating yourself against the volatility of the crypto market.

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