7 Major e-Commerce Platforms that Accept Bitcoin Payment


Bitcoin is gradually becoming a mainstay payment option for online businesses. It has already made a breakthrough in developed countries like the USA, Australia, France and Germany, while the developing countries are not far behind in opening up the door. Make no mistake, Bitcoin has already proved its worth as a major currency exchange medium to businesses around the world in a totally transparent and censorship-resistant way.

If you are still skeptical about Bitcoin’s acceptance in the world of online trades, let’s put your doubts to rest by discovering these 7 major e-Commerce platforms that have started accepting Bitcoins for their trades.

  1. CheapAir:

CheapAir.com is one of the world’s first major travel booking websites to open Bitcoin payment option to its customers. Introduced in 2013, this California-based company allows the travelers to book their flight tickets through Bitcoin transactions.

  1. Overstock:

One of the leading online shopping websites that deals with almost every type of household items, Overstock is the first major retailer to have opened up Bitcoin payment gateway to its customers in the year 2014.

  1. Microsoft:

Yes, you heard it right. The technology giant now supports Bitcoin payments for Windows and XBox sales.

  1. NameCheap:

Now you can register a new domain and host your website using Bitcoin. NameCheap, the ICANN accredited domain registrar, has come up with BTC payment gateway for domain registration and web hosting services.

  1. Shopify:

Shopify is a Canadian company headquartered in Ottawa which develops world’s most popular e-Commerce website builder. The company has integrated BitPay payment gateway to facilitate Bitcoin payments from the customers.

  1. Playboy:

The famous global lifestyle media company has recently added a cryptocurrency wallet to the list of payment options. Subscribers can now use Bitcoin and Ethereum to buy digital content from their online store.

  1. KFC:

The world famous fried chicken food-joint too has recently introduced Bitcoin payments. Although currently it is available only to the Canadian customers, the facility is expected to be extended to other countries also in the near future.


Bitcoin payments are gaining traction among online traders and buyers. If you are yet to do any online transactions using Bitcoin, it’s high-time you should take the plunge and explore the world of cryptocurrency. Don’t worry, it’s completely safe and transparent – like any other online payment gateway.


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